Petite Buddy

Converts Showerbuddy Chairs For Children & Small Users

The Petite-Buddy P1 converter accessory fits on our core chair-based Showerbuddy products. The P1 enables smaller individuals to use Showerbuddy comfortably and safely. Changing mobility equipment as we get older can get expensive. That’s why the Petite-Buddy accessory is an excellent choice, allowing Showerbuddy to evolve with users as they grow in size.

The Petite-Buddy P1 accessory consists of:

  • Padded backrest cushion (280mm wide)
  • Backrest depth adjustment (325mm to 375mm)
  • Limited recline function
  • Reduced width between armrests (305mm)
  • Small commode opening in cushion (150mm)
  • Adjustable padded neck pillow

For small users requiring bathroom transfer assistance, the Petite-Buddy P1 is an excellent choice when used in conjunction with SB1, SB2, SB2T or SB3T Showerbuddy frames (frames purchased separately).

The P1 at a glance

  • Allows Showerbuddy to fit small users
  • Adjustable backrest and neck pillow
  • Smaller commode opening
  • Removes the need for buying new equipment
  • Reduced dimensions make transfers safe


Imperial Diagram

PetiteBuddy P1 Dimensioned Drawings in imperial measurements.

Metric Diagram

PetiteBuddy P1 Dimensioned Drawings in metric measurements.

Catalogues & Manuals


Product Catalogue

Download your Showerbuddy Product Catalogue showcasing the full Showerbuddy range of chairs and transfer systems.


User Manual

The Petite Buddy P1 User Manual includes a full parts list as well as assembly, setup and operation instructions.