Showerbuddy Users Testimonials

The OT that prescribed the shower buddy has just rung to tell me that Sarah the mum of the 6 year old boy we hired SB to is delighted with the result. It has enabled her to get Homecare in as previously they would not come because Ashton needed to be lifted. She described it to the OT “Life changing”. Anyway she is all talk about buying this one and another one. Will keep you posted!! Cheers



We love the product and our customers are great full when we show them a different option then an expensive remodel. We are now starting a rental program for customers who have a temporary disability, the nice thing about these chairs is that the cushion can be replaced easily and the whole chair assembles without any tools.


Gamburd Inc

As one of Showerbuddy’s “stars”, I must tell anyone who’s interested that this equipment has solved one of the major issues of my disability..that of taking a shower, independently and at ease…If you need to beg, borrow, or steal, get one if you need it!!


Sylvia Rivlin Sutton

Unbelievable! This is a great, awesome, system. Works great, after a few slight adjustments I was able to give Dani a real shower! He was not sure at first but was also very happy with the safety of the whole operation. Thank you for the follow up and great service that you have provided. I must also say we appreciate your true from the heart service! I will certainly recommend your business to everyone I come in contact with. I let the University of the Pacific Physical Therapy Director in front of the whole class of future doctors know how happy I was with your service. Keep up the good work…


Henry and Dani Torres

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